AFFIRMATION ON LIFE EXPERIENCE  By Maria Mitea In the challenge of life, I am opening to make friends with life as it is. Just because I feel uncomfortable or fearful about what I experience at times, it doesn’t mean that I can force Life to make sense or to be fear,   At this moment in time, I allow my experience to unfold from a space of growing acceptance.    I understand that there are lots of things I can’t change or control in life, And I also understand, that there are few things that I can change.   I allow what I can changeRead More →

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Changing the way we look at suffering Can we change the way we look at suffering? The biggest reality of life is that every human being on this earth suffers. Suffering it is innate in birth, growth, aging, and death, and is this suffering that creates the cycle of life. Suffering is embedded in the very condition of human existence. This doesn’t mean that God has created us wrong. It rather means that before we take any action there is a pre-existent fragility. All human happenings take place in a realm that is not shaped entirely by our decisions or desires. Suffering carries out itsRead More →


RESETTING YOUR BRAIN Do you know that every time you are practicing a habit you are strengthening a certain neural-network in your brain?   In the last years, we hear more and more about neuroplasticity, that the brain has the ability to change. When you change the way you think about yourself, the brain is changing. When you get good at what you practice the brain changes into its best form. If you exercise a certain muscle, or mentally connect with that muscles, it becomes stronger. The same happens with your brain. Your mental habits have power,  “ I am good at doing this”, and your brain is changing under the influence of thisRead More →


 SELF-DIRECTION The spiritual teachers from The Yoga Institute, Smt. Hansaji Yogendra and Dr. Jayedeva Yogendra visited a yoga center in Los Angeles, someone from the center told them; ” Never use the word duty, people in the western world take it as an 8-5 job responsibility. They feel stressed by their jobs.” Living a self-directed life depends mostly on our education, the culture we live in and how we make sense of our natural abilities. Many life activities are imposed on us since childhood. Because of this, we develop a strong sense of living under pressure and stress. Parents, society inflict a strong sense that life is stress andRead More →