Be what you already are an Empowered Human Being!

Today we are experiencing a new leap in human evolution as we are trying to understand our human nature and its relationship to the whole. We are also called to understand and make choices that have physical, mental and soul-sized consequences. We can no longer ignore our truth and hide from what we really are.

One of my teachers would say ” the veil between truth and deception (duplicity) has become as thin as a rice paper”. We are becoming physically and mentally transparent to each other, and this transparency is not anymore a choice, but an urgent life necessity. To much time has been wasted on nonsense actions. If we want to live a happy and healthy life we ‘ll have to “wake up” to our own reality and see it as it is. The price we pay for being ignorant is too high. 

Our natural abilities are expanding in the most intuitive way, and also in the most rational way. Our senses are enhancing their perceptiveness to a broader dimension of existence. Changes are happening on the go, almost with the speed of light. There is no time to wait 20 years or a lifetime to change what it needs to be changed right now. Life starts to begin the way we want only when we become aware of the limitations we create in our life, by not knowing our nature in its depth. When we allow perceiving everything as it is, everything is always fresh and possible. When we cling to an old mind an old habit we get stuck. 

Acting towards finding our Inner Self, a more refined aspect of our nature than the ego helps us to have an active role in our own self-growth. More people are affected today by different health problems. The alarm clock is so high that we are pushed by feelings of fear and insecurity into taking action and invest more time and energy into setting up new goals of self-discovery, self-expression, self-healing, and self-esteem.

Once we experience health and self-esteem, there is no going back. We discover that health and happiness is our legacy. Everyone has the power, to positively influence their health and redirect some part of their life. Inner guidance is coming from inside when we take time to pay attention to our inner world. Our “ gut mind” is speaking louder than ever and some of us finally take it more seriously, while others are still lingering into the old habits of denial and postponing. 

Your time is now. Don’t think too much!

Take action to change what it has to be changed today!

Be what you already are an empowered human being!

Stay Brave!

Maria Mitea

HealthYoga Therapist, Teacher, and Student,