When we feel angry that is a sign that something has to be changed in our life or taken care of. Anger asks for questions, courage, and self-awareness. Unfortunately, our experience with anger is limited and disapproved, as we are educated not to express it. We prefer to be “nice people” that hold anger inside, and comply with what is practiced in the culture.

Anger is a primary response to life

When we are angry we feel pain.

Anger is a messenger that deserves all our attention and care, as it is not just a flash of the moment or an emotional burst. It also creates a physical reaction in the body increasing the adrenaline levels. Ask yourself how can I learn to express my anger? How can I learn to release it in an effective way? Anger tells us that our needs are not met, or our values and believes are compromised.

Repressed anger can show out in many ways and forms

Repressed anger is the root cause of our illnesses, suffering, ignorance, and destructive behavior. If we keep angry feelings inside for too long anger turns us against our own self. Unexpressed anger engages us unconsciously into complaining, blaming, criticizing, or judging ourselves and others. It is the very cause of our feelings of guilt, shame, hate, and fear.

Listen to your Anger!
Listen to your Anger! Suppressed anger transforms in guilt, shame, hate, and fear. It turns you against yourself. Your destructive behavior is built on unexpressed anger.

Dancing with your anger it is a workshop for everyone and all ages. You don’t need to have any experience with yoga, dancing, breathing, or meditation. It will be an awakening evening.

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

You will befriend and explore your own anger through sound, music, and free movement born from the depth of your emotions. Connecting with others and being part of a community will help you build trust and relate to others.

By working with our inner feeling of anger we can make a real change in the world. Be that change!

Stay Brave!

Maria Mitea, HealthYoga Therapist, Teacher, and Student, www.mariahealthyoga.com