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Class  Description

Power yoga it is like a mindfulness practice in motion.  The dynamic nature of the practice takes your attention more into your body and breath, this way letting go of the unnecessary thoughts.

This class starts with body-breath integration, Surya Namaskar. It is a vigorous practice that can be used as a “workout.” It is a balanced class designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and concentration.


This class is great to make you feel strong and invigorated, flexible and more present in your body and mind. Also, it will help you to cultivate more acceptance for what is in the moment.  You will leave the class feeling energized and mindful.

A Brief Outline Of The Routine

Class starts with breath integration to create internal focus, connecting with self-intention noticing your mood and how you feel in your body;  to start a warm-up series you will take Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) A series and three to five B series. This will help you to awaken your inner fire and warm up the muscles. After will  do a few simple standing balancing poses.At the peak of the practice will add short sequence of Warrior,Triangle and other poses that are held for 3 cycles of breath, linking no more than three posture into each sequence. At this point, you should be well warmed up. You’ll also have mobilized and prepared your pelvic muscles so that you can do a series of backbends effectively. Now, you’re ready to come into the moon phase of class with some static hip openers.To close your practice, you will relax in Savasana.

Style driven from:
Ashtanga Yoga

Level: Advanced

Duration: 1h 15 min

Equipment needed: Comfortable clothes,water, mat

Time/ Location: See class schedule

Teacher: Maria