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Class Description

This is a Therapeutic yoga class specifically tailored for people that experience Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue. The practice will be tailored to the individual ability and needs, as every case is unique. What I have observed from working one-on-one with people that face Fibromyalgia, is that yoga is one of the safest practice for this health condition and the benefits are seen in a short period of time as 8-10 weeks. 


 Yoga has the power to reduce or eliminate pain, fatigue, and stress. When regularly practicing it can improve musculoskeletal function, lower stress, anxiety, and poor balance. These are significant changes that have a practical impact on the quality of life of everyone struggling with Fibromyalgia and Cronic Fatigue. Above all, your confidence will increase as you ’ll build a clearer understanding of your body-mind condition. Also, the level of willingness and commitment will greatly increase. 

A Brief Outline Of The Routine

We’ll start the class with breathing, gentle movement on the floor, or seated if needed, guided meditation, and relaxation. This practice we’ll make you feel more connected, relaxed and present within your own mind and body. You will explore every movement in a gradual progression, building body-awareness and breath awareness. We’ll use props; blocks, bolsters, blankets, belts, chairs.

Style driven from: Classical Yoga

Level: therapeutic

Duration: 1h15min

Equipment needed: Comfortable clothes, water, mat

Time/ Location: See class schedule

Yoga Therapist: Maria