In Classical Yoga we learne and practice four main life attitudes;

Dharma Bhava – Life duty, self-direction, virtues of survival, 

Jnana Bhava – Self-study, self-understanding, knowledge, and learning,

Vairagya Bhava – Creating a larger understanding of the reality of life, building objectivity and detachment,

Aishwarya Bhava – Will persistence, obtaining freedom by becoming self-reliance, forbearance, and  strong-minded,

The attitude of duty helps us to acquire a balanced state of mind and find; self-direction, acceptance, commitment, faith, and quietude.

Dharma Bhava – Life Duty

Karma from Sanskrit means actions, work, our personal actions and there effect on our future. The main duty in life is to maintain a balanced life by taking actions and fulfill our duty towards; ourselves, family, community, society, nation, and humanity.

The first duty is towards our own self; nourishing and maintaining a healthy life. If we face health problems and keep ignoring them we won’t be able to help our family, perform a job, or help others. It is our responsibility to observe our body-mind tendencies and habits, and build a strong character capable of carrying out life’s duty.

Choose to:

  • Do selfless actions.
  • Stay aware of the state of the spirit and mind in which is done the action.
  • Flow with the situation of life without taking any credit.
  • Do your duty at your best ability without being focused on the results.
  • Enjoy the action you do, you will never know exactly how your journey will unfold.
  • There is always a higher purpose for every action you do.
  • Experience without setting up limitations,
  • Do actions with detachment and you will reach understanding and clarity.
  • Right actions will generate only more actions. 
  • Complaining will only create disinterest and reinforce old habits of avoiding to do your duty. It will lead to non-synchronized physical activities and non-synchronized mental state.

  When an action is done with the absence of mind would lead us towards disinterest and boredom, and sooner or later we will realize the limitations of such activities. 

Dharma Bhava is a Universal Law we can’t escape if we want to live life.

Stay Brave,

Maria Mitea,

HealthYoga Therapist, Teacher, and Student,