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Class Description 

Your mind always follows your breath, and your body always follows your mind!

This class aims to awaken the mind, cultivate body vitality, let go of emotional impurities. We’ll start with active meditation, poses, mudras and mantras. The emphasis is on the spine and nerves (nadis); spinal flexion and twists are practiced with greater attention. People that want to gain spine flexibility, eliminate pain, and maintain a healthy spine are invited to this practice. In many yoga classes the rush is after achieving the shape of the pose, which takes us away from the real experience and purpose of yoga. This class is designed to release negative emotions stimulated by the tendency to achieve the posture, and allow to open for a more natural, energetic  practice.


You will experience increased energy, vitality, and a feelings of connection, emotional release from the urge to perform and aligned perfectly while holding a pose. Finding freedom from the tendency to conform to the pose. Breaking unconscious patterns on the mat of overdoing or overstraining. Makes you comfortable with your own expression and eliminates overwhelming feelings. Sometimes you are overwhelmed by work, relations, situations… and the feeling is carried out unconsciously into every other activity you do. This practice will make you more aware of that habit, will invite more observation, reflection and inner connection.

As the energy increases internal organs functions improves. This class can help you open new energetic pathways / meridians and also manage stress and face difficulties with more confidence, in order to develop a more accepting and courageous self. As a result, you can work through problems and challenges more effectively and you can relieve tension, increase strength creating a sensation of feeling great.

Will benefit people that struggle with depression, sadness,  feelings of dullness, unhappiness, emptiness, chronic conditions, respiratory conditions, stress, restlessness, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, lack of commitment. Take this class and you will leave feeling like the person you always wanted to be!

A Brief Outline Of The Routine

The class starts with body integration and breathing exercises (10 min) that will prepare you for active meditation (15 min), moving your body in a swing left, right, front, back, in a circle like a soft body flow dance while breathing through your nose with your attention focused on exhalation. You can move slower or you can move faster, exploring the natural body movement and how it helps you to build up your energy. After we’ll  continue with asanas moving at your own pace( 25 min) and  relaxation (10 min).


Style driven from: Tantra Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga,

Level: gentle-intermediate

Duration: 1h

Equipment needed: Comfortable clothes, water, mat

Time/ Location: See class schedule

Teacher: Maria