It is a balanced class designed to train your breath, strength, flexibility, and concentration.

Class  Description

The class will start with body-breath integration allowing to sense those areas which hold tension. We’ll explore in very much detail your existing breathing patterns and how to slowly incorporate the correct one, and to synchronize it with movement.

 Basic poses for the feet, knee, hips, hamstrings, moving onto the shoulders and upper body and spine will be experienced. You’ll also take the time to work on core strength to keep the body stable and supported while in a posture. 

 Movement begins slowly with Sun Saliutation and other gentle movements. Sun Salutation brings mobility to the highlighted joints and begin to activate the muscles groups we will be focusing on. Next, we’ll enjoy the standing poses which few of them will be Warrior 2 and 1, Triangle Pose,hip openers, twists, bridge and back-bends. Closing the practice with guided meditation in Savasana. Monthly we’ll add different postural theme, with the weekly classes breaking down the elements of that theme. 


At the physical level, the overall sensation in the body is one of relaxation as it releases neuromuscular tension. It eliminates joint stiffness and builds flexibility, and  generates heat in the body which adds cardiovascular benefits. Mindful Flow cultivates a feeling of acceptance for what is happening at the moment and helps to detach from certain situations, conditions or emotions that persist for a longer time. It builds endurance and increases concentration. Regular practice leads to a greater state of self-awareness, body-awareness, and breath-awareness. It calms and balances the mind; reduces stress and anxiety; works deeply on releasing tension from connective tissues (fascia, tendons, and ligaments). You’ll feel invigorated, flexible and more present in your body. It is a balanced class designed to train your breath, strength, flexibility, and concentration

Style driven from: Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Classical Yoga

Level: intermediate

Duration: 1h 30 min

Equipment needed: comfortable clothes, water, mat

Time/ Location: See the class schedule

Teacher: Maria