Power Yoga-Vinyasa Flow



In this class you’ll build strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and concentration.

Class  Description

The scope of this class is to reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow, increase body awareness, alleviate and aid in injury prevention.

The practice starts with 20 min muscle tension release. You’ll use rollers and tension release balls, and make sure that any structural limitations that may be present are noticed. You will also receive individualised guidance in localizing tension that you chronically carry throughout the limbs, neck, shoulders, hips, spine and large muscles of your body.

You’ll  learn to feel and recognize the tension signal in a localized region of your body. After, through deep breathing, relaxation and rolling gently on a ball or roller you will learn contrasting tension signals with a state of tension release.

From repetitive movement or unaware posture we systematically compensate with different groups of muscles, so that you’ll learn to identify the tension sensation for compensative muscles in your body. This way your practice can unfold from a space of knowing and feeling your body state. By being aware of skeletal muscles state you become body aware and can control bodily activities and change the way you feel.

After tension release the practice continuous with body-breath integration to create internal focus,and  connect with self-intention. At the same time noticing your mood and how you feel in your body-mind constitution.

The  warm-up series will start with Surya Namaskar – one breath-one-movement. This will awaken your inner fire and warm up the muscles. At the peak of the practice will add sequences of Warrior and other poses that are held for 3 cycles of breath. To close your practice, you’ll relax in Savasana.

The class ends with gentle static stretches and 15 min relaxation.


This class is great for preventing and alleviating injuries. You will build strength, mobility, and confidence feeling strong and invigorated, flexible and more present in your body and mind. 

The dynamic nature of the practice takes your attention more into your body and breath. It makes you feel energized and focused. You will leave the class feeling awake and peaceful at the same time.

Style driven from: Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Classical Yoga

Level: intermediate/advanced

Duration: 1h30min

Equipment needed: comfortable clothes, water, mat

Time/ Location: See class schedule

Teacher: Maria