Class description

Vinyasa Flow class is designed to build body alignment, awareness, and a deeper sense of connection with your breath, body, and mind while moving. It gives you time to explore your feelings and emotions and to move more mindfully. You will be encouraged to practice at your own pace and listen to your body. The practice consists of traditional poses and sequences: sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, backbends. You will leave the class feeling energized, confident and more present.


At the physical level, the overall sensation in the body is one of relaxation as it releases neuromuscular tension. It generates heat in the body which adds cardiovascular benefits. Also, it increases your energy level for the rest of the day, eliminates stiffness and builds flexibility. Vinyasa Flow cultivates a feeling of acceptance for what is happening at the moment and helps to detach from certain situations, conditions or emotions that persist for a longer time. It builds endurance and increases concentration. Vinyasa practice leads to a greater state of self-awareness, body-awareness and breath-awareness.

 A Brief Outline of the Routine

We’ll start the class with Classical Sun Salutation. Next, we’ll enjoy the standing poses which few of them will be Warrior 2 and 1, Triangle Pose, and backbends. Supta Padangusthasana grounds and rounds out the sequence, hip openers, twists, bridge, and Savasana closing the practice with relaxation. Monthly will add a different postural theme, with the weekly classes breaking down the elements of that theme. Classes begin slowly in order to take the time to bring mobility to the highlighted joints and begin to activate the muscles groups we will be focusing on.

Style driven from: Hatha Yoga,

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1h30 min

Equipment needed: comfortable clothes, water, mat,

Time/ Location: See class schedule

Teacher: Maria