Are you a brave thinker to break through conformity of thought?

Different systems of thought were created in the past and some more are created today.

We all are avid thinkers. Everyone knows how is like to be a thinker. With the help of thinking, we can make plans, create ideas and dream. In a few seconds, we can be in Himalaya or Guatemala, fight a work colleague, send loving thoughts to someone we love, compose poetry and many more. Thinking can rice us and thinking can damp us. There is no human being that didn’t experience the rising and falling of his own thoughts. If it is too much we worry and if it is to less we also worry. Worrying is nothing else than thinking.

Can we be brave enough to rice beyond our ordinary thoughts? Can we see that thinking is an ability and not an enemy?

What are we after  200,000 years as Homo sapiens (the wise one)?

In our human experience and evolution, we reached a point where everyone is looking for expansion; limitless fulfillment, lasting happiness, youthfulness, psychological security, safe future. We are longing for boundless means, but forgetting that our very nature of physicality is a limited one. Also at the mental level, we rely on conditioned knowledge, which is limited. So, the thought is always limited. Can we accept that there are such limitations?

Sometimes we hear  “ stop your thoughts.” Whatever is our life experience we don’t want to stop our thoughts. Every time a new thought is born you are born. Many times I happily say to myself; “Thank God no one can see my thoughts.” Thought itself is a protective mechanism. Understanding this will liberate ourselves from “ overthinking struggle.”

We don’t realize that thinking is the biggest, but the biggest treasure we humans have. Every experience can be turned into thought or the other way around.  Humans always struggled in managing and understanding the thinking process, because of this it continuously evolved.

Today we know that we can reshape our brain and create new realities. We know already how powerful are our thoughts and that outside factors count but what really counts more is what we think and how we are reinforcing new ways of thinking.  Everything we do, think and say matters, we can no longer ignore this reality.  

“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”  Christopher Hitchens

In the next post, I will continue with how and when humans started to think?

Stay Brave,

Maria Mitea,

HealthYoga Therapist, Teacher, and Student,