This Yoga Therapy group class consists of Movement, Breathing, and Relaxation practice. You’ll learn that a knee problem is not really a knee problem and that the key to knee healing is to supply well-balanced movement, adequate force, and healthy nutrients. You’ll practice body movement integration with mental awareness.  We’ll take time to find what really works for your body and adds benefits to your knee health, by knowing your body restrictions and mental attitudes. Also, you’ll learn about the importance of healthy nutrition.


You’ll experience increased knees function: flexibility, decreased pain symptoms, improved quality of life as the morning stiffness is eliminated. Your mind will greatly benefit from this practice as anxiety is reduced and you will feel more positive about trying to do things. Studies indicate that as a holistic therapy, yoga has the potential to relieve both the physical and psychological suffering of people with knees problem.

Brief Outline Of The Routine

In every class, you’ll experience body-mind integration, breathing techniques, 20 minutes warm-up, and 30 minutes somatic movement on the floor.


Style: driven by Classical Yoga,
Level: Therapeutic, gentle
Duration: 1:15h
Equipment needed: Comfortable clothes, water, mat
Time/ Location: See the class schedule
Yoga Therapist: Maria