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Yoga is a way of life!
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Welcome to HealthYoga – Accessible Yoga To Everyone!  

At HealthYoga we are following the teachings of Classical Yoga rooted in the Yoga Sutra; self-oriented, heart-oriented, spiritually inspiring, yet grounded practice. Everyone is encouraged to listen to their body, respect its essence and wisdom, and become aware of their deepest nature.

The practice will take place in an accessible, friendly, and inclusive environment. When we consciously connect with others it is easier to overcome life challenges. We aim at cultivating a sense of togetherness, belonging and inclusiveness offering loving guidance and support.

While systematically practising yoga, happiness and health are within anyone’s reach. In regular classes, we’ll cultivate a greater sense of well-being, while in therapeutic classes we’ll build a clear understanding of your healing needs and how to sustain them through the practice of yoga.

We believe that Yoga is a way of life, and does not limit our experience only at the physical level, as generally understood. The goal is to see its practical application and integrate it as a holistic practice in our daily life. We’re here to honour everyone’s intention and provide guidance and support towards personal growth and well-being.