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Saturday, OCTOBER, 20th, 2018, 

From 3:30pm5:30pm, at HealthYoga, Kingston, On, K7M 4Y2, 1786 Bath Rd.


  • This workshop provides you with a set of movement skills and distinctions to help you move more efficiently and effectively in your life’s activities.
  • Exploring, experimenting and refining the ways you use your body and the ground to find support and transition through space.
  • You’ll explore and learn how to discover your body structural limitations while moving. Common movements when carried out most often indicate poor coordination, compensation, and automatism.
  • The ability to move well arises only from developing neuromuscular connection; neurons transmit signals to your muscles.
  • For neuromuscular connection to happen you have to fully wake up, be present while moving, and pay attention to how you do it.  
  • When movement patterns are ignored they took over your activities (walking, seating, yoga, running, …) and set you up for body dysfunction, pain, and injuries. Ultimately, your injuries becoming the thorns of your body running your life; sleep, thinking, emotions, work, relations.

The benefits:

  • You’ll develop an understanding of how to create a greater body-control, better balance, and a clearer body-image.
  • The principles you’ll work with can be applied throughout your life:  when you stand, sit, walk, in the gym, at the office, in all your life’s activities.
  • They are an excellent way to address injury, discomfort and to clear the way for greater skill and growth.

We’ll practice specific sequences of movement and take time for clarification, rest, and refinement.

What do you need for this workshop?

To recognize your own body messages; feeling tension, stiffness, too loose, too tight, pain, irritation, dissatisfaction, misalignment.

A sincere desire and commitment to learn and improve.

Fees: $55

Please arrive 10 minutes early. 


Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for all yoga workshops. Register in advance as space is limited.

Workshop registration is available at the studio, via email, phone, e-transfer, mail a cheque at HealthYoga, Kingston, On, K7M 4Y2. We’d love to register you personally so feel free to come to the studio to register and pay in advance, or email:

To register by phone please call: (613)-766-8529, to make an E-Transfer use:

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