HEALTHY BREATHING WORKSHOP – BREATH IS LIFE! You are invited to discover the benefits of Conscious Breathing!   Before engaging in any hazardous breathing practice, give yourself enough time to know the basics of breathing. Take space and time for preliminary preparation and practice. Your lungs are sensitive, and the diaphragm is a very fine membrane. If you practice vigorous breathing without knowing what youdo, that will prove harmful in the long run.  You can breathe in a strenuous way, but your breathing pattern still won’t change. You will need patience, gentleness, and kindness when you work with the breath. You will need to be more aware then eager. What youRead More →

Dear Supporters of Heart&Stroke, Every woman that experiences heart attack symptoms and has them go unrecognized can benefit from our kind contribution! It is believed that the heart is a pump and its sole purpose is to propel blood throughout the body.   In this workshop, you’ll experience through the practice of breathing, meditation, and gentle movement that the heart is more than a pump.  I warmly invite you to dedicate 1h 30 min of your Yoga Practice and make a donation that can support 800 research studies across the country! Together we are stronger! Together we can give hope!Read More →

Happy cozy winter, Everyone! We’re already a couple of weeks deep into 2020. I hope you’ve started your year off on the right foot. At HealthYoga we started the year with new goals, inspiration, and lots of motivation. Nothing can be more rewarding as having a clear intention and keeping up the good routine. It is like planting a seed and seeing it grow by watering it as needed, giving it light from the sun, and keeping the soil fresh.  I can announce that  Psychology students at Queen’s University run a 15-week study to examine how yoga and mindfulness practices affect self-esteem and well-being. The study will be supervisedRead More →

SELF – REFLECTION – THE TOOL OF THE SOUL “Self-reflection is the experience of the Self looking at itself.” /Katha Upanishad/  How do we come to understand how powerful is any choice we make in life? REFLECTION – MANANA (Sanskrit) – is the mastery over the power of seeing and acting. Self-reflection is also called “seeing behind”, where we are the Observer and the Observed. It is a skill-building technique, that would lead towards self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-understanding. When practiced daily for 5 minutes it helps us to recognize how do we respond to the world, and how do we respond to our own experiences, thoughts, emotions,Read More →