Yoga Therapy Testimonials

Linda Patton

I have recently started to work with Maria at HealthYoga to help with my fibromyalgia and to rebalance my body after open-heart surgery. I am delighted to write this review based on my experience with Maria. Not only is she immensely qualified, but Maria also provides an integrated approach to yoga and provides a “whole “ body and life program designed specifically for each student ‘s needs In only a couple of months, I am seeing the benefits of Maria ‘s knowledge and support and I highly recommend HealthYoga to anyone looking for a professional and authentic teacher in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Linda Patton.

Alexandria Barker

I recently was gifted a reflexology treatment with Maria, it was such a beautiful experience I felt compelled to give this testimonial. Maria is a gifted healer! This was perfect, especially after having done her Dance with Anger meditation the night before! I highly recommend both!” – Alexandria Barker

Joan Lee

“Maria Mitea embodies a real mind, body and spirit connection in her yoga practice. She generously shares her deep understanding of how the breath, body, and mind should flow together from the very basic to advanced yoga positions. Classes are varied and provide just the right level of challenge for a broad range of yoga practitioners. During a yoga class, she will quietly spend the time with each student to provide additional instruction and knowledgeably adjusting as needed with the appreciation that each person’s practice is their own. Maria weaves insightful yoga philosophy into each practice guiding the power of your thoughts to a place of quiet reflection and well-being. I come away from her classes with my body feeling limber, refreshed and my mind rested. I would highly recommend taking yoga classes from Maria, you will be glad you did!”

Trevor Rainey

” I started sciatica group sessions since February 2018. My lower back, shoulders, and legs feel stronger and more flexible. I don’t have any sciatica pain now. Maria is an expert on how to teach proper movement with breathing. Practicing breathing feels very good, especially at night when I cannot sleep.”

Karen Green

“I have been very fortunate to have had Maria as a Yoga teacher. I have COPD (breathing problems ) because Maria is insistent on proper breathing techniques during practice I have found my breathing has improved. Thank You, Maria,”

Janice Minard

“I have attended several of Maria’s yoga classes and thoroughly enjoy them. Maria has a broad and deep knowledge of yoga. She is able to communicate calmly and clearly what she knows. She can speak to how the body works on a physiological, emotional and psychological level. More importantly, she is encouraging a nonjudgmental practice and makes you feel good about what you are doing. At the end of the class, I always feel calmer and more relaxed.”

Snezana Vrabac

“Maria is an excellent teacher and practitioner. She helped me get rid of my shoulder pain after a couple of months of yoga classes.”

Lauren Golding

“Maria’s dedication to the study of yoga is brought forward to share with others in her class. She is attentive to your well-being, physically and therapeutically. I find the atmosphere calming and relaxing. Maria has helped me in many ways. I have become more aware of looking within myself for peace and strength.”