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THE FOURTH PILLAR OF YOGA – THE PROCESS OF THOUGHT ( VICHARA) “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit to the changes it has had to go through in order to achieve that beauty”  – Unknown This pillar is referring to learning how to handle and discipline our own thoughts. To have that internal dialogue with ourselves and make a friend of our own mind.  Our mind is like a monkey jumping in a veritable jungle of disjointed preconceived ideas, feelings, desires, sensations, tension, thoughts, restrains that put us in great disbalance. Our thoughts are more or less undisciplined and uncontrolled,Read More →

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OUR BRAIN IS A TIME MACHINE Does time really exist ? According to the Natural Time theory, only the Present is the real time. Past and Future times are called ” mental navigation in time” or “psychological time” , as it is created by our own memory and imagination. Our brain is a ” time machine”; memory and imagination help us to travel forth and back in time whenever we want. This mental time travel is a human capacity that puts everyone into a dilemma:  how to keep track of this “mental time”, while mind moves back and forth all the time? Science even triedRead More →

Why some people are high on life and others are high on entropy Health Yoga Kingston On

Why some people are high on life and others are high on entropy? The flow of human evolution goes against an existent natural force of resistance. This force is fighting day and night to keep things the way they are. Whatever we are trying to accomplish we are constantly pulled by these two forces; life and inertia. When entropy/inertia is too high in us we stop caring about many things in life and it takes us into indifference. We all have our own urge to grow into healthy, happy and successful human beings. Only these happiness and health is not falling into our laps becauseRead More →

What’s the force that we are fighting in life? ROUTINES / ACHARA (from Sanskrit)   For some of us, routines could be very rewarding, while for others could be a constant struggle against ingrained habits, against the force of one’s likes and dislikes, and against inertia. Sometimes it feels like we are fighting with the beast, from morning to night. What is this force that we are fighting in life? People that want to keep a level of spontaneity and creativity in their life say that routines are limiting and lead to boredom to wake up and do the same things every day makes us feelRead More →