What to observe while eating? When you eat do you eat to satisfy your emotions, or do you eat to satisfy your hunger? Observe your eating habits if are dominated by likes and dislikes. Our likes and dislikes are our weaknesses and biggest enemies. Develop an attitude of detachment toward foods you like and dislike. Otherwise, there exists the risk of overeating a certain type of food you like more, and rejecting a certain type of food that you don’t like, but is healthy for you. For example, If you like broccoli you will tend to have broccoli too often, and this will make youRead More →

Food - the first pillar of yoga HealthYoga Kingston

Where does your Yoga practice start? People ask me where yoga starts. In Classical Yoga you start yoga practice by observing the life pillars that are: Ahara / FOOD Vihara / RECREATION Achara / ROUTINES Vichara / THOUGHTS Food – the first pillar of yoga Let’s think about ourselves in terms of energy, and where is this energy coming from? Food is nothing else than energy, (Prana). It is the first pillar in yoga to be aware of. Food is a source of energy that was touched by the sun, air, water, and earth. As your body depends on this living energy your strength, health,Read More →