When we feel angry that is a sign that something has to be changed in our life or taken care of. Anger asks for questions, courage, and self-awareness. Unfortunately, our experience with anger is limited and disapproved, as we are educated not to express it. We prefer to be “nice people” that hold anger inside, and comply with what is practiced in the culture. Anger is a primary response to life When we are angry we feel pain. Anger is a messenger that deserves all our attention and care, as it is not just a flash of the moment or an emotional burst. It alsoRead More →

THE THIRD PILLAR OF YOGA – ROUTINES / ACHARA (from Sanskrit) A conscious use of energy is the goal of a yogic lifestyle. What is the most important thing in life? Yoga teaches us that one of the most important things in life is to build healthy routines as this would balance our effort throughout the day, throughout the years, and ultimately throughout the life. Implementing healthy routines helps us to structure the day and use our time efficiently, and not only.  When routines are practiced with a feeling of commitment it will develop habits and become our second nature. To easily move towards self-developmentRead More →